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North America and Europe are coming closer together. Our new alliance with Air Canada, the largest Canadian airline, offers you even more across the Atlantic. Together we offer daily nonstop flights from Calgary and Vancouver to Frankfurt. The joint route network will be extended to eastern Canada (Toronto) in our fall/winter schedule when we will fly nonstop flights twice-daily. Further cooperation includes plans for codeshare services to other cities in Germany, Canada, and points beyond. The goal of the alliance is to improve connections and provide more choices for passengers travelling between North America and Europe.

Air Canada already provides direct scheduled service to 64 destinations in Canada, 30 cities in the U.S. and 23 destinations Europe, the Caribbean, the Middle East and Asia. Investing in the latest technology is a longstanding tradition in Air Canada. Between 1993 and 1998 alone, they put a total of 73 new jets into service. As a result, on-board telephones are standard equipment on all Air Canada jets. Air Canada is also known as the first North American airline to introduce "ticketless travel" as well as implement smoke-free flights in 1991 on its entire route network.