Lufthansa looks back on a history of over 60 years when it was founded as Germany's national airline.

1926: On January 6, German Aero Lloyd merges with Junkers Luftverkehr AG to form "Deutsche Luft Hansa Aktiengesellschaft".

1928: Luft Hansa establishes the first special airfreight service with freighter aircraft. For the first time, a steward attends to passengers on the BerlinParis route.

1930: In China, Eurasia Aviation Corporation is established with a Lufthansa contribution to capital as a preliminary step toward the planned GermanyFar East air service.

1933: The general meeting resolves to change the style of the company to "Deutsche Lufthansa Aktiengesellschaft".

1934: Lufthansa becomes the world's first airline to set up airmail service across the South Atlantic.

1936: Lufthansa initiates trials of North Atlantic flights with flying boats and seaplanes.

1938: First nonstop flight of a land aircraft from Berlin to New York.


1939: As war breaks out, Lufthansa discontinues the majority of its international services.

1944: The director of the Lufthansa legal department, Dr. Klaus Bonhoeffer, is arrested and later executed in connection with the assassination attempt on Hitler.

1945: In early May, Lufthansa discontinues passenger services and later goes into liquidation.

1951: The "Bongers Office" commences activities in Cologne after former Lufthansa Traffic Manager Hans M. Bongers receives a mandate from the Transport Minister to advise him on matters concerning German commercial aviation.