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A day of excitement shows up again, as Lufthansa hosts its second live on-line Miles & More auction in the U.S. !

This time we have selected our favorite European destinations to let you spend some exciting winter days in the most beautiful cities and ski-areas on the other side of the Atlantic. You can bid on pairs or single round-trip tickets.


To receive 500 miles off your winning bid, you need to:
Have an established profile
Update all information

Some highlights from our last Miles & More auction:

" 2 round-trip tickets New York - Brussels 5,000 miles
" 2 round-trip tickets Miami - Rome 6,500 miles
" 1 round-trip ticket San Francisco - Paris 6,500 miles

So..... go for it!!!!!

Here are some hints for successful bidding:

1 Be sure you have read and understood the Rules and FAQs before bidding.
2 Please have your Miles & More card number and PIN code available
3 Check any necessary Visa or other travel requirements, as they are the responsibility of the winner.
4 Have your credit card info available for taxes and fees.
5 Be sure that your bid does not exceed the mileage amount on your account.

How does the auction work?
A few days prior to the auction, you can select items to bid on from the auction schedule. Each auction room offers either 1 or 2 tickets with a prebooked itinerary. As soon as our Lufthansa auctioneer opens the virtual auction room, you may enter. You can then place your bid with the simple click of your mouse. For more details, see the FAQs.

How do I place a bid?
Select the item of your choice from the auction schedule and click on the red text to enter the auction room once it has opened. You may place your bid by simply clicking on the miles (pre-set increments of 500, 1,000 or 1,500) underneath the window which displays ongoing bids. You will then be prompted to confirm the new high bid, which will then be shown on the screen. All bids will appear live and continue until the auctioneer closes the auction room. The bids will be taken in order of their electronic entry.

Note: The auction will automatically close once the published mileage level of the auction item has been reached.

Who can participate?
To participate in the mileage auction you need to be a Miles & More member residing in the U.S. Additionally, a "Profile" needs to be set up by registering on our InfoFlyway website. First time users can check our FAQ section for instructions on how to register.

You were the highest bidder!
Winners will be notified by e-mail, and followed up by a phone call. For this reason we ask you to ensure that you enter your correct e-mail address and telephone number in your "Profile", where you can be reached during the auction.

Taxes and fees are the responsibility of the passenger and must be paid with a credit card. The two tickets auctioned are for passengers traveling together. No changes can be made to the travel itinerary of auctioned tickets. For a complete list of rules and conditions, please refer to the
auction rules.

If you have checked the Rules and FAQ sections, but still need further assistance, please contact us via telephone at 800 685-9640 during the auction.