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Nonstop Auction:
To participate in an auction you must register. Registration is free. To register, click on Registration, Create Profile and fill in the form. Secure encrypted technology is used to ensure privacy and credit information security. You will receive confirmation and a password via e-mail within a few minutes. In this auction format you will not be asked for credit information until you wish to place a bid and bidding activity is visible to all who enter the site.

When you place a bid, you enter a legal and binding contract. Only people who can make legally binding contracts can participate in the auction. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you certify that you are of legal age, 18 or over. Please note that if you make a winning bid, your credit card will be charged for the value of the item plus applicable taxes and handling fees, as shown in the auction rooms.

Bids appear live and are accepted in the sequence of their electronic entry. Bids may not be withdrawn once submitted. Bids by e-mail, telephone or any method other than electronic submission via the site are not accepted.

Bidding continues until the closing time indicated in the auction room. For example, if the room closes at 17:00, bids that are received by the server up to and including 17:00:00 will be accepted.

Auction items are offered subject to availability in specific reservation classes. Winning bids will be confirmed by e-mail in the 24 hours following the auction.

Cancellation of an issued Lufthansa ticket(s)

For purchased and issued Lufthansa tickets, the following cancellation clause applies: Once issued by Lufthansa, ticket(s) can be canceled by customer up to 72 hours before the usage date, providing payment of a 50% cancellation fee based on winning bid price, or $150 US per ticket, whichever is lower. Thereafter, the ticket(s) is/are non-refundable. Please note that a $35 US handling fee applies to all winning bids, including cancellations for any reason.

Auction Terms

Lufthansa reserves the right to set minimum bids, reserve selling prices and to withdraw any item from auction at any time, for any reason. Lufthansa reserves the right to make any changes to any auction listing at any time.

Lufthansa reserves the right to postpone, delay, interrupt, or cancel any auction or auction item for any reason, at any time. Lufthansa is not responsible for bids not being processed or accepted due to technical difficulties. Reselling of purchased lots is not permitted under any circumstances.

Payment Terms

Payment is due at time of notification of winning bid. Payment may only be made by credit card. Please note it is against the law to make bids while registered under a false name or with an invalid credit card, even if we initially accept such a bid. The bidder/purchaser of items for sale must also be the credit card holder. The credit card used for payment of any item must have a billing address in the United States or Canada.

Please note that your credit card will be automatically debited for the purchase price plus applicable taxes and handling fees and sent to the address provided at the time of registration.

If you are purchasing an item for a friend or relative, you will be asked via e-mail to provide us with the name of the person who will be using the ticket. If you purchase a pair of tickets, you will be required to provide the name under which the second ticket will be issued.

Lufthansa will make every effort to confirm all information needed to process your purchase. However, if we are unable to secure all required additional travel details with you within the time-frame outlined in the notification of the winning bid, the item will be withdrawn and cancellation fees as outlined above will apply.

Purchases by non US residents will be converted to local currency based on the US dollar purchase price on day of transaction.

Taxes and Handling Fees

For each auction lot purchased, there is a handling fee of $35 US.

Prices resulting from winning bids do not include any city, state, provincial or federal taxes. These will be charged where applicable by law and are in addition to the final bid price. For airline tickets, all applicable taxes and airport charges (a minimum of $57 US per ticket) are in addition to the final bid price. These amounts are shown in each auction room.


Items for sale are only available for the dates, times, classes of service and itineraries mentioned. Flights may have stop-overs or connections. Upgrades or changes in routings or destinations are not permitted.

For pairs of airline tickets up for bid, passengers must travel together. Tickets may not be changed or endorsed.

Travel must be utilized for the entire itinerary shown on the issued ticket and flown in the sequence they are issued. Failure to complete one of the segments will result in cancellation of the residual flights.

Auction items are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for other items up for bids.

Lufthansa auction tickets are eligible for mileage accrual in Lufthansa Miles & More. Mileage may not be used to redeem or upgrade tickets won in any auction.

Purchasing bidders are responsible for complying with all entry, passport or visa regulations when traveling.

Registration information is kept confidential.

Lufthansa, its web hosting company and its agents are not responsible for electronic or mechanical errors. They are not responsible for loss caused by system errors or deficiency in the Internet. Users agree to indemnify and hold Lufthansa and its partners harmless with regard to any liability, loss, damage resulting directly or indirectly from their use of the auction or from their use of an auction item either purchased from Lufthansa or received as a gift resulting from such a purchase.


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