Fleet Photo We always get you to your destination with the latest generation aircraft
If there's such a thing as a global "Quality Seal" for state-of-the-art aeronautical engineering and maximum dependability, it's the flying crane. Because you will find the Lufthansa symbol only on tailfins on the latest, most advanced aircraft. And we don't just purchase our aircraft "off the rack". In a constructive dialogue with manufacturers, we have introduced the ideas of our engineering and the suggestions of our guests into many new model designs. More than 20,000 Lufthansa engineer hours went into the Boeing 747-400 alone. From the very start, we helped develop the new longhaul Airbus A340 too.

On longhauls, simply the greatest
For a quarter century, Boeing 747 jets have fascinated passengers all over the world with their size alone. Lufthansa was not only the first European airline to put this marvel of technology into scheduled service, but has contributed to ongoing development of the "Jumbos" ever since. The latest generation of the world's largest commercial aircraft bears the designation Boeing 747-400 and is at home on many Lufthansa longhaul routes.

Technology for man and his environment
The Airbus A340 is operated primarily on Lufthansa longhaul routes where a Boeing 747 would not be fully occupied. So instead of a few flights per week with a "Jumbo", we can offer you several frequencies per week, or even per day, with the Airbus A340. It burns no more fuel per passenger than a midsize car -- and with lower emission ratings than a car with a catalytic converter.

Airbus A300-600
Range 4,600 km
No. of seats 207
Length 54.08m
Wing span 44.84m

Airbus A310-300
Range 6,600 km
No. of seats 169
Length 46.70m
Wing span 43.90m

Airbus A320-200
Range 3,100 km
No. of seats 144
Length 37.57m
Wing span 34.10m

Airbus A321-100
Range 2,700 km
No. of seats 182
Length 44.51m
Wing span 34.10m

Airbus A340-300
Range 8,800 km
No. of seats 260
Length 63.66m
Wing span 60.30m
Seat map

Boeing 737-400
Range 1,700 km
No. of seats 141
Length 33.40m
Wing span 28.88m

Boeing 737-500
Range 2,050 km
No. of seats 103
Length 33.40m
Wing span 28.88m

Boeing 747-400
Range 10,500 km
No. of seats 387
Length 70.66m
Wing span 64.44m
Seat map

Avro RJ85
Range 2,600 km
No. of seats 80
Length 28.55m
Wing span 26.34m

Canadair Jet
Range 2,100 km
No. of seats 50
Length 26.77m
Wing span 21.21m

Fokker 50
Range 1,300 km
No. of seats 50
Length 25.25m
Wing span 29.00m

Group Fleet
Number of aircraft as of Dec. 31, 1995

Maker/Model            Lufthansa Fleet   Group Fleet      Additions   Additional 
                                                       1996 to 1998      Options

Airbus A300                        11            11              -             -
Airbus A310                        10            12              -             -
Airbus A319                         -             -             20            20
Airbus A320                        33            33              -             6
Airbus A321                        12            12              8            20
Airbus A340                         8            14              2            13

Boeing 737                         98           111              -             -
Boeing 747                         18            36              5             4
Boeing 757                          -            18              -             1
Boeing 767                          -             9              -             -

McDonnell Douglas DC 8-73           -             5              -             -
McDonnell Douglas DC 10-30          6             8              -             -

Canadair CL-600-2B 19               -            20              9             6
Fokker 50                           -            15              -             -
AVRO RJ85                           -            10              7             3

Total Aircraft                    196           314             51            73