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Quality. Safety. Reliability. These are some of the attributes Lufthansa is known for. So taking a Lufthansa flight is always a good business decision. And being a member of the Lufthansa Corporate Mileage Plan (CMP), is the best decision for your travel budget as well. Because every time your company's employees fly Lufthansa, your company will earn free miles. And considering that it only takes approximately ten paid round-trip transatlantic Lufthansa flights to earn a free trip - those miles quickly translate into big savings.

Plus, joining the Lufthansa Corporate Mileage Plan doesn't deprive your company's employees of their individual miles. Employees who are Miles & More members or participants in the frequent flyer of which Lufthansa is a partner, continue to accrue their personal mileage - so everybody's happy.

Flexibility that goes the distance.
Your accrued mileage goes further than ever before. It's redeemable for trips to or from any of Lufthansa's destinations. And since we fly to over 200 cities in more than 80 countries - your travel and entertainment expenses are not only reduced, but your free award tickets can be used as the perfect employee gift or company incentive. Your accrued mileage works like this:

Upgrades that are easy to use.
Our upgrades are flexible. The mileage award requirements are now the same whether you're upgrading from Economy Class to Business Class, or Business Class to First Class.

Average number of paid round-trips to earn a free round-trip award:

         First   Savings   Business  Savings   High Economy  Savings
NYC FRA  10.4:1  $6,926    9.3:1     $4,342    9.1:1         $3,056
CHI FRA  10.4:1  $7,504    9.2:1     $5,020    9.2:1         $3,662
LAX FRA  10.2:1  $8,842    9.7:1     $5,666    9.5:1         $4,074
Note: ratio is equal to number of paid roundtrips flown to earn one free roundtrip award. All figures based on published fares listed on 10/16/96. For low Economy Class fares, the average number of paid round-trips required to earn a free roundtrip award is approximately double the full Economy Class rates.

Your mileage awards can be redeemed worldwide, anywhere Lufthansa flies. Just choose your destination and go. Redeeming your awards and reserving your flights is easy. Dial (800) 340-4411. We'll do the rest.

To learn more about CMP please call (800) 340-4411 or your local Lufthansa sales office.