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Miles & More Card, Frequent Traveller ChipCard, Senator ChipCard.

Our best customers earn special privileges.
Lufthansa customers earn more than miles. The more frequently you fly on Lufthansa, the more miles you'll earn to achieve Lufthansa Frequent Traveller or Senator Status. With the Frequent Traveller or Senator Status, you have greater privileges and additional services available only to you.

The three Lufthansa customer cards.
Lufthansa offers three Miles & More customer cards. The service level of each card depends on your mileage status. Here's how fast you could earn special privileges: Upon enrolling, each new member receives the Lufthansa Miles & More Card to earn miles. On achieving 50,000* status miles within the past 12 months, you receive the Lufthansa Frequent Traveller ChipCard. If you have flown 100,000* or more status miles within the past 12 months, you are awarded the Lufthansa Senator ChipCard.

As of April 1, 1997 Miles & More members can earn status miles toward Lufthansa Frequent Traveller and Senator status when traveling on United, Air Canada, Thai Airways and SAS. Now you have even more opportunities to enjoy all the benefits Lufthansa has to offer.

The Lufthansa ChipCard.
The ChipCard permits ticketless flying on German domestic routes. Further information and additional benefits of the ChipCard will be sent to you with your new status card.

Status mileage on your Account Statement.
On your Miles & More Account Statement, you'll see how many status miles you have earned so far - and how close you've come to Frequent Traveller or Senator Status. Status miles are earned on scheduled flights with a Lufthansa flight number, as well as on scheduled SAS flights between Scandinavia and Germany. Status miles are actual miles flown, or minimum miles (whichever applies), plus the class of service bonus earned for Business or First Class.

A wealth of special services with the Lufthansa Frequent Traveller ChipCard.

First-class privileges with the Lufthansa Senator ChipCard.

*Valid for members residing in the USA and Canada