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Airports Photo Our hubs in Germany are among the most advanced air terminals in the world, with comforts and conveniences that make your arrivals, departures and transfers faster and easier. Frankfurt is Lufthansa's home base, a convenient gateway to Europe and the rest of the world. Lufthansa now has its own dedicated terminal in Frankfurt, saving you time. At Frankfurt airport you can make some of the fastest international connections in Europe (minimum connection time is only 45 minutes), without having to transfer between terminals.

Together with the Port Authority of Frankfurt Airport we are investing 1 billion German Marks to upgrade the Lufthansa Terminal into an even more efficient and convenient connecting airport. Out of Frankfurt, Lufthansa offers more flights to more destinations than any other major European carrier out of any other European hub. No airline gives you greater mobility than Lufthansa. We fly to more than 200 cities in over 80 countries around the world, and more destinations in Eastern Europe (26 with more to come in 1997) than any other western airline. In addition, our Asian network offers the most destinations of any European carrier.

Airports Photo Munich Airport has developed into an important hub for Lufthansa now that the flight schedule from Munich - especially to Southern and Eastern Europe - has been greatly expanded. And with the latest, most advanced Airbus A340 longhaul jets, you can fly non-stop from this Bavarian capital to such major international destinations as Chicago, San Francisco, Bangkok and Osaka.