Quality. Safety. Reliability. These are some of the attributes Lufthansa is known for. So taking a Lufthansa flight is always a good business decision. And being a member of the Lufthansa Corporate Mileage Plan (CMP), is the best decision for your company's travel budget as well.

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Now that we're offering these company benefits, flying Lufthansa can give your corporation a real lift:

  • Every time your company's employees fly Lufthansa, your company will earn free miles. And considering that it only takes approximately ten paid round-trip transatlantic flights to earn a free trip*those miles quickly translate into savings for your company.

  • Your employees can also upgrade from Economy to Business Class or Business to First Class for the same mileage deduction**.

  • Both free tickets and upgrade awards are available on a one-way basis for 50% of the round-trip mileage.

  • Joining the Lufthansa Corporate Mileage Plan doesn't deprive your company's employees of their individual miles. Employees who are Miles & More members or participants in the frequent flyer programs offered by our partner airlines, continue to accrue their personal mileageso everybody's happy.

  • Earning mileage is so easy: All it takes is a single entry into your flight reservation. Simply ask your Travel Planner to enter your CMP Client Number into all eligible Lufthansa reservations.

As you can see, membership in the Lufthansa Corporate Mileage Plan is simply smart business. There's no charge to participate and a great deal of savings to be earned. In fact, there's no reason to hesitate. To see if this program is right for your company,*** call 800 340-4411 or your local Lufthansa sales office today.

* Approximately 10 Lufthansa paid round-trips are needed to earn a free round-trip award ticket in the same class.
** B, H or Full C Class tickets are eligible for upgrading.
*** CMP is designed for companies booking at least 50,000 miles in transatlantic round-trip flights on a yearly basis (approximately 7 flights in full Economy Class, 5 in Business Class, or 3 in First Class).