How to use the Corporate Mileage Plan

  Using the CMP


Worldwide Awards


Virtually every time you fly Lufthansa, you accrue mileage that earns you awards - either free trips or upgrades. The following is a step-by-step procedure as to how it all works.

First, you need to accrue mileage. Here's how to do it:

  1. Enter OSI LH CORPLH (Client number) into the flight reservation of all paid tickets.

    Example: Company XYZ enters their client number, (01234.A), into the flight reservation for one of their employees -- OSI_LH_CORPLH_01234A

    Special Notes:

    • The period before the last digit of your client number should not be entered.
    • Remember to input all 6 characters of the client number in the OSI element.
    • _ indicates an empty space between the text in the OSI element.

  2. The ticket number must be present in the reservation for mileage crediting to occur.

    The ticket number is automatically generated when the ticket is issued. However, if for some reason you should need to manually enter the ticket number, you can use the OSI, SSR, or Remarks transactions.

    Company XYZ manually enters the ticket number, 220 1112223333, into the flight reservation for one of their employees -- OSI_LH_TKNM_2201112223333

    Special Notes:

    • Please remember to enter the full ticket number, including the 3 digit airline identification code (i.e., LH's code is 220, UA's code is 016). Check digit number should not be included.
    • When manually entering a ticket number in an Amadeus flight reservation, please use the FH transaction.
    • At this time, reservations created in SystemOne must include an OSI element for automatic mileage credit. (i.e. OSI_LH_TKNM_2201112223333)

    Please note:
    Qualifying tickets must be purchased in the US and include at least one Lufthansa transatlantic flight.

    Once the above mentioned items are present in the reservation of the paid ticket and the passenger has flown, the mileage credit will automatically appear on the CMP account statement.

Next, when you have accrued enough mileage...

... you can request an award ticket:

  1. Call the Award Desk at 1 800 340-4411 to make an award booking.
  2. Fill out an Award Request Form and fax to CMP Customer Service at (516) 296-9474.
  3. Lufthansa Ticket by Mail will issue ticket and send it via Federal Express.
  • Please be sure to include a check or credit card number for applicable taxes.
...Or you can request an upgrade voucher:

Upgrade vouchers may be requested in advance and are valid for one year from date of issue.

  1. Fill out an Award Request Form and fax to CMP Customer Service at (516) 296-9474.
  2. When ready to use your upgrade voucher, simply follow the instructions on back of the voucher.
  • All tickets must be issued in paid class of service. (B, H, or full C Class are eligible for upgrading)
  • Upgrade vouchers are non-refundable.
For faster access to awards, use our Express Service: Receive your tickets and vouchers overnight. The fee is $50 or 1,000 miles for tickets needed within 24 hours of request.