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Adventure Awards
Flight Simulator
BMW driver training
Hotel Sacher

From exciting to festive.

Action or relaxation, thrills or pure indulgence.

Our Adventure Awards, which you can redeem for, will satisfy your appetite for the unusual such as: flight simulators, driver training, and much more...

On the next few pages, we will show you everything you can experience for your miles. Interested? Then take the plunge into the adventure world of Lufthansa Miles & More and select your personal award highlight.
Then you can simply request the award you desire by tele- phone or fax. In addition, we periodically offer new, exclusive awards. Simply contact our Miles & More News or the Lufthansa Exclusive Magazine.

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Your pulse is racing and your palms are sweating... Ready for takeoff?


The Lufthansa flight simulator.

A highlight in the truest sense of the word. Now you too can sit in the captain's seat in our flight simulator, a perch other- wise reserved for Lufthansa pilots completing their checks and training sessions. First you will receive a thorough lesson in aircraft technology, aerodynamics, and instrument control.*

Your session will end with a review of your maneuvering skills, a certificate of completion, and a small surprise.

And what happens in between? Unfortunately, this is something we cannot describe. You will have to experience the incomparable feeling of flying an aircraft, such as a giant Boeing 747 yourself. But you can certainly be sure that it will be a truly thrilling experience.

* This award is offered in German only

Fulfill your dream of flying for 100,000 miles.


Locations: Frankfurt, Bremen, Berlin
Travel:Not included travel to/from award
Reservation deadline: At least four weeks in advance

The runway is clear. You are making your descent. You lower the landing gear,
descend a little further, pull up the nose slightly at 30 feet ... Happy landing?



Get in and drive away the BMW driver training

For driving enthusiasts

The one day Car Control Clinic allows car enthusiasts to learn first-hand from the experts on how to safely maneuver their car, feel more confident with everyday traffic situations and experience the importance of feeling the car's motion literally through "the seat of their pants." This one-day program helps drivers build confidence by providing them with guidance and training to cope with everyday traffic situations, perform complex maneuvers and respond to real-life driving emergencies. Curriculum includes skills to respond to a wide variety of driving situations such as accident avoidance maneuvers on several areas of the driving course, including the water wall corridor, slalom course and autocross circuit. Time is also spent on the ultra slick skid pad that simulates driving on black ice and hands-on experience with active safety technology to become a safer, more responsible driver. Instruction is in BMW 3 Series cars.

The new BMW Performance Center Driving School expands the unique automotive experience BMW offers in upstate South Carolina. At one location, a visitor can tour a $ 1.3 billion state-of-the-art manufacturing facility; browse the Zentrum museum showcasing more than 75 years of BMW automotive and motorcycle history; and take delivery of a new BMW. There is also a corporate conference center at the BMW Performance Center.

Learn how to
handle every day
traffic situations.





Hotel Sacher A tradition of exclusivity.

The venerable Hotel Sacher has been an Austrian tradition for more than 120 years, and has been revisited by such legendary personalities as Wilhelm II. Today, the name of this hotel still stands for Viennese charm, comfort, and luxury. And last, but not least, the world-famous Original Sacher-Torte was created here in 1832.

On the sunny side of the city at the Hotel Sacher Vienna.

You will experience the exclusivity of this hotel even before you arrive, as you are welcomed with champagne at the airport and then taken to the hotel in a Rolls Royce or a limousine. Once you arrive, you will be pampered even further. You will find a welcome awaiting you in your Junior Suite. A romantic candlelit dinner prepared for you by our chef will set the tone for the evening. The next day, we invite you to take part in a fascinating tour of the city "in the footsteps of the great Viennese composers." You will leave the Hotel Sacher with lasting impressions of Vienna and an original Sacher-Torte as a farewell gift, and will be chauffeur driven back to the airport.
Destination: Vienna
Hotel: Hotel Sacher Vienna
Service: two nights in a Junior Suite for two individuals, including breakfast buffet
Time period: October 1, 2000 September 30, 2001
Blackout period: December 26, 2000 January 4, 2001
January 18 21, 2001
February 21 24, 2001
Travel: not included to / from award
Reservation deadline: At least four weeks in advance
Note: Offer subject to availability; stay can be extended for an additional charge.



Hotel Sacher Salzburg A treat for all your senses.

Treat yourself to a stay in this luxurious hotel on the banks of the Salzach River. The hotel is just a few steps from the State Theater and the Mozarteum, which you can visit during your guided city tour "in the footsteps of the great Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart." In addition to cultural experiences, we have also arranged for a few epicurean delights. Your visit to the Hotel Sacher Salzburg includes a four-course candlelit dinner and a delicious breakfast buffet. And as a farewell gift, the Hotel Sacher Salzburg will give you an Original Sacher-Torte. The hotel offers limousine service to the airport or train station.
Destination: Salzburg
Hotel: Hotel Sacher Salzburg
Service: two nights in a Junior Suite for two persons, including breakfast buffet
Time period: October 1, 2000 September 30, 2001
Blackout period: December 22, 2000 January 2, 2001
January 26, 2001 February 6, 2001
Travel: not included to / from award
Reservation deadline: At least four weeks in advance
Note: Offer subject to availability; stay can be extended for an additional charge.


The Original Sacher-Torte what a sweet dream!

A light and creamy creation made of exquisite ingredients, the Sacher-Torte has been baked according to a well-guarded recipe by pastry chefs at the Hotel Sacher Vienna since 1832. Enjoy the incomparable taste of this specialty when you embark on a culinary trip to Vienna.

This world-famous delicacy can be ordered and savored for 20,000 miles.

Offer: two Original Sacher-Tortes
Size three (about 8.5 inches in diameter)
Offer valid: October 1, 2000 September 30, 2001
Reservation deadline: Two weeks' advance notice required
Note: The tortes will stay fresh for at least four weeks from the shipping date.