Effective March 1, 2001, Miles & More members can earn miles for First Class travel on the following selected routes of the Deutsche Bahn (DB):

ICE Sprinter Frankfurt - Munich one-way
ICE Sprinter Frankfurt - Berlin one-way
Metropolitan Cologne - Hamburg one-way

You will earn 500 award miles per segment. To ensure that your miles are automatically credited to your account, you must present your Miles & More card when your tickets are checked, so that the conductor can enter the miles into his mobile terminal.

Beginning in March, you will also be able to redeem miles for a DB award ticket. For as little as 15,000 miles, Deutsche Bahn offers a round-trip ticket in Second Class between any two destinations in Germany (or 20,000 miles in First Class). Award tickets (including reserved seating) are valid on all passenger trains except sleeper and recliner cars, as well as auto trains, and are subject to availability.

All award tickets must be booked at least seven days in advance, and return travel must be scheduled for no earlier than the first Sunday following your departure.

Members who wish to redeem for an award ticket for DB in Germany can do so by calling the Miles & More Service number at 800 581-6400.


Our new award catalog is hot off the presses and was sent to all Miles & More status customers, together with the October issue of Lufthansa Exclusive.

If you would like to receive a catalog, please call Miles & More Customer Service at 800 581-6400.

Click here to review our current awards on-line.


How do I obtain a current summary of my Miles & More account?

You can check your account on-line via the Lufthansa InfoFlyway. Visit lufthansa-usa.com or www.lufthansa-ca.com and simply go to the More & More section. See how many miles you have earned and how close you are to your next award.

What are some of the ways in which I can earn miles?

In addition to flights, hotel stays, and rental car reservations, there are many other ways to add miles to your Miles & More account. If you would like to get more information as to how to earn more miles, just visit www.moremiles.com.

Are status miles only earned on Lufthansa flights?

No. The actual miles and the class of service miles you earn on other Star Alliance members flights also count as status miles (with the exception of bonus miles). Therefore, the more you fly on Lufthansa or any Star Alliance carrier the faster you will achieve Frequent Traveller or Senator status and take advantage of the benefits attached to each status.

Which carriers are Star Alliance members?

In addition to Lufthansa, the Star Alliance group now includes Air Canada, Air New Zealand, All Nippon Airways, Ansett Australia, Austrian Airlines, British Midland, Lauda Air, Mexicana, Scandinavian Airlines System, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways International, Tyrolean Airways, United Airlines, and Varig.

On average, the miles you earn for your flight are credited to your Miles & More account:

within approximately three days, for mileage earned on Lufthansa flights.
within three weeks, for mileage earned on flights with other airline partners.
within four days to six weeks, for miles earned with hotel and rental car partners.

The amount of time it takes to credit your Miles & More account with bonus miles earned in special promotions depends on the type of promotion and pre-registration was required. Your account will be credited no sooner than two days after flight activity has been credited, but no later than one week after the promotion ends, provided you have registered for the promotion.

Here are a few steps you can take to ensure that the miles you earn are credited to your account as smoothly and efficiently as possible:

Remember to provide your Lufthansa card number when you make your reservation. If you decide to make any changes, make sure that your card number is transferred to your new reservation.
Make sure that the name entered on your reservation matches the name on your Miles & More card.
Always present your Miles & More card when you check in for flights and hotel stays or rent a car.
Please allow the time periods listed above, before contacting Miles & More Customer Service to claim missing miles. This helps us to improve our customer service.

In the unlikely event that your miles are not automatically credited to your account, please send us your original boarding pass, hotel and/or rental car receipt, as well as a copy of your passenger receipt. Please do not forget to include your card number. Upon receipt, please allow one to eight weeks to process your request for retroactive mileage credit.


How can I check the current balance in my Miles & More account?

Visit us on-line at lufthansa-usa.com or www.lufthansa-ca.com, click on Miles & More and then on Account Statement in the upper right corner.
Call the Miles & More Customer Service Team at 800 581-6400
Obtain a printout at one of the Miles & More account statement printers available at selected airports

Why do I need a PIN number?
The purpose of a PIN number is to protect your personal data and prevent unauthorized individuals from obtaining information about your Miles & More account or redeeming miles from your account for an award.

What is the difference between award and status miles?

Award miles... are miles you earn with Lufthansa and our Miles & More partners for flights, hotel stays, and car rental agreements and...

can be redeemed for flight awards as well as any special awards offered.
are valid for three years. Any miles that are not used by the end of the last quarter within this period will be deleted from your account.

Status miles...

are flight miles you earn with Lufthansa and the Star Alliance airlines.
determine when you will achieve or if you will renew elite status (Frequent Traveller or Senator) in Miles & More
are checked for the last 12 months for status achievement or renewal.

What can you do on-line at Miles & More when you log onto lufthansa-usa.com or www.lufthansa-ca.com?

You can read the Lufthansa Miles & More News.
You can obtain detailed information about Lufthansa customer cards.
You can view a summary of partner offers.
You can obtain information about special Miles & More awards.
You can register on-line for a Miles & More promotion.

Why is the number of flights included in my account summary?
This is the Frequency Counter. It is another way to check to see if you have achieved or renew your status, as it counts the number of flights flown on Lufthansa or any of the Star Alliance carriers within a calendar year.

Does an award have to be used or reserved before my miles expire?
The reservation is sufficient, providing you have your award ticket or award certificate issued prior to the expiration of your miles.