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Other Lufthansa flight awards

With Lufthansa or an airline partner, the principle of the Miles & More award structure is easy to understand, no matter where you fly. All destinations worldwide are divided into award levels 1 to 6, depending on distance. Listed in the table are all 6 award levels, with the number of miles required for each class of service.

The number of miles required for roundtrip flight from Germany:

For Example Level Economy Class Business Class First Class
German domestic flights 1 25.000 35.000 -
European destinations except countries under level 3 2 35.000 50.000 65.000
Albania, Belarus, Cyprus,
Greece, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta,Morocco, Russia (Europe), Turkey, Tunisia, Ukraine
3 50.000 75.000 100.000
North Africa, Near East 4 70.000 105.000 140.000
Middle East, Africa 5 90.000 140.000 180.000
East Asia, Central and South America 6 120.000 180.000 240.000